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Hey! I am Harish, an SEO consultant freelancer, and Digital marketing expert, from Jamshedpur (Jharkhand).

As a person, I am an innovative thinker, who believes in applying analysis and creativity to problem-solving. I am a self-motivated and diligent individual who is able to adapt to constantly changing environments and situations.

My core competencies include strong interpersonal skills, Effective Communication, and Leadership Skills to contribute to achieving the desired organizational objectives.

As a professional, I always use my skills in learning new technology, researches, and implementation. I am always eager to provide a visible contribution to your organizations and business growth.

I am a competent, versatile developer and designer with a decade of extensive experience in creating, designing and implementing software and Web Application Projects. My depth knowledge and experience in Web Development, SEO, e-commerce & Web Designing help in developing small and medium businesses or companies.

My ideas are innovative and different from others and my exceptional analytical and logistic aptitude. It can help you in tricky programming and animation of your business, link building is also done by the creative link wheel method by me.

I love to handle challenging assignments and work under pressure, possessing a strong desire to excel professionally. Also, can work independently with little direct supervision. I am highly motivated, positive and goal-oriented with an analytical approach, conceptualization as well as the ability to build and lead effective teams.

How my Journey Started with Digital Marketing!

In 2008, I started as a blog writer for a UK based online mobile store. Worked as a blog writer for some time and after that, I created my first website “Pacherbs.com” which is related to Chinese herbs and medicines.

I also started to learn SEO online and developed my own algorithm and SEO strategy for bringing traffic to any website. My First SEO project was a London based Fashion store where I worked for around 2 years. At the same time, I also worked for a Toronto based internet marketing company.

This journey, I learned lots of strategies about SEO and digital marketing, day by day my skill was improving. And then I listed my own website on google maps. Which is still it is number on google from last 10 years for the keyword “SEO Jamshedpur”.

In 2009, I worked as a freelancer SEO consultant for the London based Pearl Jewelry website “Carla Pearls”. This website was ranked number one for the keyword Pearl Jewelry and Pearl necklace about 6 years (2009 to 2015).

In my 11 years journey, I created more than 100 WordPress based website for different businesses and companies from all across the world. As well as did 500 search engine optimization.

If you hire me as your SEO consultant Freelancer and Digital marketing expert, you will get 100% satisfaction and result.  I can help you in saving you thousands of dollars. Also, helps in your countless hours going down the wrong path and not hitting your marketing objectives.


SEO Audit: SEO Audit is a technical process for any website. It is the best way to improve the performance of your website that allows you to rank better in the SERPs. If the SEO audit has been properly done for your website, it gives you a better vision for your website as well as individual pages and overall traffic.


SEO Consulting: SEO Consulting services cover the search engine optimization strategy and tactics to transform any website from an imaginary unknown to a first-page ranking in search. It also covers a wide spectrum of duties, responsibilities, tasks, and job descriptions for numerous digital marketing channels.


Onsite SEO: Onsite SEO helps you in making your website search engine friendly. Content and structure of your website also depend on the onsite SEO because it helps in adjusting certain elements so that the search engine can understand and crawl your website content and structure.


Technical SEO: Technical SEO designates the whole process of website optimization for the indexing and crawling phase. It helps your website in accessing, crawling, interpreting, and indexing without any issues. Technical SEO optimizes the infrastructure of your website.


Boost Business Sales: Every Business needs to search engine optimization, it optimizes your website and maximizes the organic traffic as well as it brings higher close rates, promotes better cost management. SEO also encourages local users to visit the physical store after searching and buy their products.


Link Building: Link Building is the procedure to get a backlink from other websites for your own website. For increasing traffic and website authority, all the business persons and marketers get a backlink from others. Building backlinks are a very important factor because they give signals to Google about the quality of your website, how it is worthy of citing.

How you can get more customers/clients online?

Everyone wants more and more customers or clients and SEO will give you the desired result. If your SEO strategy is done properly then your website can get more traffic.
I am working as an SEO consultant and digital marketing expert for over 10 years. I am very confident about my efficiency in search engine optimization and I can provide you a positive ROI for your small scale or large scale businesses.
After working with different types of businesses and persons, I can understand the goals and algorithm of any kind of business easily and make all the efforts to accomplish them.
My strategy and way of working are different from other marketing experts, at first I find out the clients needs so that provide them the huge returns on their investment with my SEO freelance services or digital marketing efforts.

Trustworthy Freelance SEO Consulting Services

As a trusted digital marketing expert and SEO consultant, I always believe in a good and long-term relationship with my Digital marketing and freelance SEO clients and providing you a good longstanding result.

In the SEO Industry, directing the right scenario of search engine optimization and digital marketing can give you everlasting success. Some of the SEO experts use the shortcut methods to get success but it does not remain for a long time, these types of techniques give you the temporary result. That’s why I always adopt the right strategy to get the continuous result.

Search engine optimization is all about credibility, trust, and command. With the help of these three fundamental techniques, I manage the clients’ websites in a proper way by the on-site and off-site optimization techniques.

It doesn’t matter what type of clients’ business is, matter only one thing for me, conducting my freelance SEO Expert services in an ethical manner so that I can give the clients expected a successful result.

How Your website will Get Rank First or on Page First?

If your website is not on rank first or page first, It is very disappointing. It means you are out of the game. Even No one is going to notice you. Visitors always give the importance of the first page or rank first. Rank on the first page means more chances to increase traffic and productivity.

And all of these only possible by the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithm. But for this, you require an SEO expert, and being a successful freelance SEO consultant, I can understand your website requirements and apply proper SEO and freelance consultancy strategy.

Whenever any clients contact me and ask me for getting the rank first, I explain to him how the way, your website will run on the first page. I tell them in a straight forward way and don’t favor for anything that has no scope. In this case, I suggest my client change and improve the design and make it user-friendly and SEO friendly.

Without proper planning, No SEO expert can do wonders for you. It totally depends on the business owner, website designer, content writer, and SEO expert. Good designs and content are the foundation of the website. If you invest in these things, it will give you a good result because the content is the soul of any website.

So, for the better ranking of the website, always adopt the best alternative as the best freelance SEO expert.

How I can help you as an SEO consultant freelancer?

When any client meets with an SEO expert, the first question comes in his mind that how the SEO consultant will help him. So I want to tell you how I can help you.

I am a full-time SEO consultant/Freelance SEO Expert and Digital marketing expert. I have a special team of a website designer, content writer including me. All of our work together and accomplish all the website requirements. So that you need not go anywhere for other SEO related works.

We can develop a proper SEO consulting strategy for your company or business to get higher rankings and more search traffics and it will give you the best ROI for digital marketing.

If you have any questions and want to hire me as your SEO expert then contact me today. I don’t take any charge for the meeting to discuss how I can help you with your website ranking and traffic online.

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